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2017/01/15 Print:

MAKING: Alternative Designs for Factories  -  The Book








In June 2016 Non Architecture launched its second competition, “Making – Alternative designs for factories”, asking creative people from all around the world to produce innovative design concepts for production spaces. Their work was enriched with additional material, gathered with an open call for articles and visuals on the same topic. The results of this process have been selected and rearranged by the Non architecture editorial team, and it is now presented in this book as the result of an open source research on the factories of the future.

"[...] Through an extremely meticulous drawing style, the project criticizes and introduces a solution to the delicate debate concerning the industrial presence of free trade zones. I was especially fascinated by the fact that the innovation of this proposal is not driven by technology or robots but by the liaison between people and architecture. Factory and costumer change their relationship through an inventive and creative solution [...]"

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2016/11/15 Print:

5th World




"The ideal model of a tight partition of world’s economies and politics known as Three-World Model becomes obsolete and ineffective right after the defining of the Fourth World. There will never be a Fifth World.
This publication aims to shift the point of view on this issue. Rather than focusing on socio–political aspects and strict categorizations, we sought for speculation on what a Fifth World might be[...]"

Dimensions : 21 x 27,5 cm
Circulation : 100 numbered copies
Pages : 60 full CMYK color
Poster: artwork by Julien Nolin

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2016/11/22 SuperArchitects

Amazonia Pier






S//A : What’s the most important aspect of this project that we should be aware of?
Julien Nolin_ Concurrent with the understanding of pleasure piers as places of learning turned places of consumerism, Amazonia Pier is concerned with implications of manufacturing of goods in the context of the artificiality of the theme park model.
The double aspect of the Critique which on one hand critiques the free trade zone in Manaus, which in shines a light on the harmful side effects of globalisation, but on the other hand, the project also critiques our role as consumers, our relationship to products to the process and how detached we are.

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2016/10/02 KooZA/rch

Playing With The Viewer’s Expectations




"Who influences you graphically?
I grew up reading cartoons/comics like Tintin, Astérix & Obélix, and others, so that style and format have always influenced me greatly. With this project, I spent a lot of time revisiting that style, this time looking at artists like ..."

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2016/09/25 Bored Panda

The 15 Most Revolutionary Designs Of Factories




"This was the second of a series of nine competitions, oriented at pushing architects and designers to rethink traditional architectural typologies. In this case factories – intended as building or a group of buildings where goods are manufactured – have been reinterpreted by participants from all around the world. The challenge was to develop an unconventional design for a building to make, with absolute freedom of location, scale and program dimensioning."

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2016/09/24 E-architect

Making – Alternative design for factories Design Competition Winners



The winners of the second Non Architecture competition (www.nonarchitecture.eu) “Making – Alternative design for factories” have been unveiled, showing some absolutely innovative concepts for factories designs."

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2016/09/24 Archi-ninja

Amazonia Pier; Manufacturing an Architecture of Pleasure

"I have recently been chatting with graduate and all round legend, Julien Nolin. I came across his amazing portfolio and wanted to share one of his projects entitled Amazonia Pier."

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2016/09/19 Next Top Architects

Amazonia Pier
Thesis Project by Julien Nolin


Amazonia Pier
Thesis Project by Julien Nolin @julnol MArch
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

“Come experience the Amazon, without ‘going into’ the Amazon!”

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2016/07/04 VOLA Prize Recipient



"Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Skoler for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering"

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2016/03/01 Print:

Tidsskriftet Grønland - Greenland Design Magazine

Tidsskriftet Grønland NR 01, March 2016, 64, Årgang.

For Saline Spark

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2016/03/01 Print:

Architecture and Extreme Environments, THE ARCTIC - KADK 2015

"This Master programme pursues to explore the intersection between architecture, technology, culture and environment. Through a site-specific approach, we aim to respond to present and future global challenges through research by design and direct on-site involvement in the form of active expeditions to remote world locations"

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2015/12/18 ISArch Architecture Competition 2015 News

"The ISARCH Awards are international awards targeting students of architecture. The aim is to provide a platform for debate surrounding the architecture solutions students contribute within the framework of their university studies."


World Architecture


"Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, along with Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) (Lee Wai Lee) present The Arctic: Architecture and Extreme Environments until February 2016"

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2015/10/15 Perspective Global

"Bio-Rig is the new setting for the new energy sources designed by Julien Nolin"

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2015/04/25 World Architecture

2015/04/15 Super Architects Publication


"A paradigm shift is taking place - new architecture - soon the unknown potentials for architecture and its' trained subjects will have a greater impact on/within the contemporary city, culture, and if not, the world."

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2014/10/05 Print:

Building 22 Edition 14


"Building 22 is an annual student-initiated publication showcasing work coming out of the school of architecture at Carleton University. Each year the publication samples projects from all levels of the program, inspiring the younger students and challenging the more experienced..."

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2014/05/10 Carleton University Student Showcase



By: Julien Nolin  |  Professor: Johan Voordouw

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2013/10/02 Print: 

Building 22 Edition 13

"Building 22 is an annual student-initiated publication showcasing work coming out of the school of architecture at Carleton University. Each year the publication samples projects from all levels of the program, inspiring the younger students and challenging the more experienced..."

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2013/07/12 Scanlab @ The Bartlett School of Architecture

Distant Images and Tiny Worlds

Alexander Stewart, Julien Nolin and Thao Lan Nguyen Le.

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2016/02/12 THE AMAZON: Architecture and Extreme Environments Exhibition

2015/10/23 - 2016/02/22 Hong Kong Design Institute







The Arctic- Architecture and Extreme Environments

Venturing into storms, sub-zero temperatures and endless winter nights in the Arctic regions, from Greenland to Iceland and Svalbard, 28 Master‘s students at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture (KADK), The Institute of Architecture and Technology explored new forms of spatial languages to enrich our built environments and daily lives through their own constructions and prototypes. 

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2015/03/06 THE ARCTIC: Architecture and Extreme Environments Exhibition

2014/09/02 - 14 AECOM Urban SOS Exhibition



AECOM - Towards a New Industry

Each year, AECOM holds an annual student competition, Urban SOS, which is open to currently enrolled students in design, architecture, landscape, planning, engineering, and environmental studies. Students are called to answer a specific brief around urban sites in distress.

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